Our Cash Property Buying Services

We have helped thousands of people get a quick cash property sale with no hassle and no estate agents. Home owners use our services for a huge range of reasons.

You can find out more about the services we offer below.

Debt and loans
Sell a House to Pay off Debts

Thinking about selling your house to pay off debt? We buy any house quickly and hassle free for cash in just days.

Grant of Probate
Selling a Probate Property Fast

If you have inherited a property from a loved one then you may be looking to sell as quickly as possible - either for emotional or financial reasons. We can help.

We Buy Any House
We Buy Any House

We buy any house in the United Kingdom, in any condition, and you can decide when you want to exchange and complete. Just pick a date!

House repossession
Stop House Repossession

If you are worried about your home being repossessed you should talk to us immediately. We have helped hundreds of people prevent, delay or avoid repossession entirely.

Sell House Fast
Sell A House Fast

We can buy your house fast, using our own cash funds, in a timescale to suit you.

Leasehold Flat
Selling a Flat with a Short Lease

If you have a flat with a lease under 80 years left on it then you could have problems selling. We buy flats with short leases for cash.

Tenanted Property
Selling a Tenanted Property

If you have a problem tenant or a current assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement in place making the sale difficult we can help.

Separated and Divorced
Get a Quick Divorce House Sale

If you have recently separated or divorced you may be looking for a quick house sale so you can both move on with your lives.

Relaxing with a coffee
Sell a House to Downsize Quickly and Hassle Free

Property downsizing used to just be something people did as they grew older and their kids flew the nest. But we are seeing more and more people choosing to sell their house to downsize at other times in their lives.

Emigrating and relocating
Sell a House to Emigrate or Relocate

If you are emigrating abroad or relocating to a new area of the country then organising what is going to happen to your house will be adding to your stress. We can help with a quick cash sale.

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Cash Property Buyers

House Buy Fast is one of the largest cash property buyers in the UK. We buy houses for cash and have helped thousands of homeowners sell their homes quickly.