Keep your house safe with House Buy Fast – Water Damage20240409091352

Keep your house safe with House Buy Fast – Water Damage

Water damage is like tooth decay, it’s not going to get better on its own. And it can cause big and costly problems inc...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in March20240403114613

HouseBuyFast: Featured in March

Hello in April also known as third winter...As we're coming out of the darker month we noticed that more and more people are ...
Can you sell house before probate?20240313113302

Can you sell house before probate?

Selling a house before probate is a common concern among individuals navigating the estate administration process. Understand...
Your Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Fixer-Upper Quickly20240305131150

Your Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Fixer-Upper Quickly

Are you ready to sell your fixer-upper property quickly and seamlessly? Selling a fixer-upper might seem like a daunting task...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in January20240223125850

HouseBuyFast: Featured in January

New month - same but better House Buy Fast - we won the prestigious  Platinum Trusted Service Award 2024 last month! We conti...
We won!20240118095711

We won!

Why Feefo? In 2014, Feefo started the Trusted Service Awards to honor brands using their platform for verified reviews, getti...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in December20240109151026

HouseBuyFast: Featured in December

With a new year already upon us lets take a quick look back at our achievements in December.  We are very excited to be start...
Happy Holidays20231219113512

Happy Holidays

During these turbulent times in the property market, we extend warm Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones. May the holi...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in November20231207113120

HouseBuyFast: Featured in November

It's finally December. Even though it should be the time to slow down, and hibernate until spring it's one of the busiest mon...
My house smells of neighbour’s weed, help!20231124100752

My house smells of neighbour’s weed, help!

Selling Your House with Neighbours Smoking Weed in the UKLiving in a house where the persistent smell of your neighbour's wee...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in October20231103101236

HouseBuyFast: Featured in October

Hello November, sweater weather, all things nice, and pumpkin spice! Clocks have gone back but House Buy Fast is moving forwa...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in September20231010113748

HouseBuyFast: Featured in September

Yet another busy month has gone by. Even though it feels like we were given an additional month of holidays, the team at HBF ...
How many months of mortgage arrears before repossession20231010111243

How many months of mortgage arrears before repossession

If you own a house in the UK, keeping up with your mortgage month payments is super important to keep your home. But sometime...
HouseBuyFast: Featured in August20230901102913

HouseBuyFast: Featured in August

Time goes by, so slowly - as Madonna sings...except for the summertime! 3 months have whizzed by and it's time to take the sc...
Don’t get scammed! Property Advice20230901094921

Don’t get scammed! Property Advice

Property scams – UK NAPB&Gumtree Recently NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) has collaborated with Gumt...

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