Tenancy Qualifications For Renting

Jonathan answers a question from Zoopla user Luicia2010, regarding tenancy qualifications for renting.

Can a landlord specify that they don’t want anybody who is on housing benefit when they do not know that they may be over a time and age and have always paid rent on time and are more likely to take care of the property?

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Video Transcription

I think it’s important to say that every landlord, every agent is different. They all look for different things in a tenant.

However, just remember the fundamentals really. You have you prove that you can pay the rent and you also have to show really they you of good character.

So, you’re not going to having parties all night, disturbing neighbours and giving the landlord or agent problems. So, just bear that in mind really, try and conduct yourself as business like and friendly as you possibly can.

If you have got a little bit of adverse credit or you don’t earn great money and there’s some doubt that you might be able to pay the rent.

Remember you can always get a guarantor to cover any shortfall for you, that could be a family member or friend with a property normally, whose prepared sign that they’ll cover any shortfall in the rent.

That way, that’s going to give the agent or landlord a lot of comfort and you should be able to get your home.

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