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Thinking about selling

Find out what you need to consider before selling a property

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Selling now

Top tips on how to sell your home quickly, hassle and stress free. Learn the total cost of selling a house

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Property not selling

Find out how to improve the chances of selling your home and other options to consider

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Sale fallen through

Find out what options you have to get your sale back on track

How you can make the most of our home buying service

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Sell in 3 days to 3 weeks

Sell your house for cash to House Buy Fast for up to 85% of market value

Getting a quick house sale can be tough. But if you choose to sell your property to a so called ‘we buy any house’ company such as House Buy Fast, we will make it happen. You will be guaranteed a 100% cash buyer. As we are the direct buyer, there is no property chain so we can proceed fast with the purchase. At House Buy Fast we have a very experienced team who know the property buying process inside out – give us a try.

Often we can complete the sale in under 2 weeks – and in some cases only hours or days. As soon as the sale is completed you will receive cash funds into your bank. If you have an outstanding mortgage we will deal with that too.

Members of the National Association of Property Buyers and the Property Ombudsman.


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Sell in 6 weeks to 6 months

Sell house for cash for full market value via an estate agent

In England and Wales the average house sale takes 3 months and 30% of sales fall through before exchange of contracts.

Although not as fast as a cash buyer, it is still possible to sell your house quickly via this route.

See our comprehensive guide to selling your house quickly for full market value for our best tips and advice.

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Trusted cash buyer for thousands of quick property sales across the UK in the past 10 years

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We contacted House Buy Fast about selling our house when our purchaser let us down for the third time. Duncan Fretter made us a fair offer, arranged all the surveys and we completed in 10 days. I would definitely recommend House Buy Fast to anyone wanting to sell their property in a hurry.

Seller in Southampton

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Fantastic service. From our very first telephone conversation to the day the sale was closed. Extremely professional. Every detail was explained thoroughly and we never had to wait more than a couple of hours for our phone call/email to be returned. Highly recommended.

Sandra O’Neill


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Help, I need to sell my house fast & don’t know where to start!

We all know buying & selling a house is one of the most stressful things you can do. There’s the agents, the viewings, the offers, the counter-offers, the gazumps, gazunders and the “actually we’ve changed our minds”. Then if you make it to the end of the process there’s the stress of the move itself.

To compound that pressure there are many situations where you might need to sell your house quickly. With the average house sale taking 5-9 months to complete, not to mention the 1 in 3 house sales which fall through according to the Office of National Statisticsyou’re probably wondering…


Can’t someone just buy my house for cash today?

In short the answer is yes, we can buy your house quickly for cash and at a price based on its market value. Just enquire about our 'we buy any house' service. Remember, we cover ALL fees and costs.

How fast exactly is the purchase?

Really fast actually! We’ve completed on purchases within hours and our typical house sale takes just 2 to 4 weeks. We can do this because as a professional house buyer we have the resources to value your house right away and the cash funds available to buy it quickly.

Market value

Sounds great, but how much will I get for my house?

Typically we can offer up to 85% of the current market value of your home depending on factors like its location, condition and how quickly you need to sell. We are always transparent about how we work and how we make money and don’t add any hidden fee’s further down the line. Remember, you won’t pay any fees to us, your estate agent or your solicitor either.

Can I get 100% of my property's market value from a quick sale?

No property buying company is likely to offer you 100% of your property’s value. Home buying is a service, and like any business, stock can’t be bought at the price its worth in full.

If you'd like to get up to 100% of market value the usual way is to go down the traditional estate agent route and potentially wait up to several months to complete but remember, you’ll still have to pay the agent’s and solicitor’s fee.

Or you could choose a fast property buying company, such as House Buy Fast, with exceptional reviews and see why we’re one of the UK’s top rated cash buyers for a fast house sale.


Lets do this…help me sell my house fast!

If you think that our 'we buy any house' solution might be right for you, or if you’re just curious how much we can offer and how quickly we can buy your house. Complete this form to get your quick cash offer today. There will be no obligation to proceed and you can change your mind at any time, right through to the point we exchange contracts.

Can I sell my property if it has cladding?

We can buy any house or flat with cladding despot the ongoing cladding crisis. It can be hard to sell a house with cladding and we're here to help so find out how to sell your flat with cladding by talking to HouseBuyFast today!


Can I sell a house with a mineshaft?

Coal and other mining efforts have affected thousands of properties all across the UK and many old and forgotten mine shafts have affected properties and their price. We can buy any house in including if you are selling a house with a mine shaft

It's a lot more common than you think and we have a great deal of experience dealing with properties that have been affected by subsidence.

Got more questions?

Contact us and ask us directly either by email or phone. We will be more than happy to help.

House Buy Fast vs Estate Agents Sale

Compare the cost of selling your home with traditional Estate Agents and Property Buyers.

Selling to us for cash 3 days+ Selling via Estate Agent 6 months+

Asking Price


Asking Price


Average agreed purchase price


Average agreed purchase price


Final agreed price after survey


Final agreed price after survey


Estate Agent fees


Estate Agent fees**

£1,674 inc VAT

Cosmetic repairs (if required)


Cosmetic repairs (if required)


Solicitor fees


Solicitor fees


Council tax and other bills (while sales is going through)


Council tax and other bills (while sales is going through)


Average Mortgage payments (while sale is going through)


Average Mortgage payments (while sale is going through)†


Net price achieved


Net price achieved

Get a quote See our guide

*These figures are for guidance only, individual sums can vary.

**Assumes 1.5% of sale price (plus VAT).

†Assumes £80,000 at 4% PA.

Why do you need a quick sale?

Selling your house quickly for cash can help you in a number of situations. These are some of the common reasons customers use us for a quick sale

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Stop house repossession

If you are worried about your home being repossessed you should talk to us immediately. We have helped hundreds of people prevent, delay or avoid repossession entirely.

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Selling a tenanted property

If you have a problem tenant or a current assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement in place making the sale difficult we can help.

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Selling a probate property fast

If you have inherited a property from a loved one then you may be looking to sell as quickly as possible – either for emotional or financial reasons. We can help.

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Selling a flat with a short lease

If you have a flat with a lease under 80 years left on it then you could have problems selling. We buy flats with short leases for cash.

credit cards (illustrated)

Sell a house to pay off debts

Thinking about selling your house to pay off debt? We buy any house quickly and hassle free for cash in just days.

luggage (illustrated)

Sell a house to emigrate or relocate

If you are emigrating abroad or relocating to a new area of the country then organising what is going to happen to your house will be adding to your stress. We can help with a quick cash sale.

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Sell a house to downsize quickly and hassle free

Property downsizing used to just be something people did as they grew older and their kids flew the nest. But we are seeing more and more people choosing to sell their house to downsize at other times in their lives.

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Get a quick divorce house sale

If you have recently separated or divorced you may be looking for a quick house sale so you can both move on with your lives.

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Cash house buyers

House Buy Fast is one of the largest cash house buyers in the UK. We buy houses for cash and have helped thousands of homeowners sell their homes quickly.

News & Guides

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly then our experts tips of the trade are a must read

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This article will help you understand how much it costs to sell your house at auction, the process, how it works, and how to choose the right auction house for your property.

Free quick house sale guide

Get a free guide to everything you need to know about selling your house fast.

Buying a property at auction

If you want to buy a property at auction then it’s important you understand the process. This guide gives you an overview of everything you need to know.

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