Frequently Asked Questions

The Director of House Buy Fast, Jonathan Rolande, answers our clients most frequently asked questions below.

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How Quickly Will I Get An Offer On My Property?


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We'll be able to give you an indication of the offer that we'll make, just within hours of you contacting us.

We'll then take it further by getting a formal valuation carried out, at our expense; there is no cost or commitment at this stage at all and we'll give you a concrete offer within three days.

How Do You Work Out The Value Of My Property?


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We've got lots of very experienced valuers in our office and they use some very clever internet based systems to give you a valuation, very quickly, far quicker than anyone else in the market could do.

We'll then send out an RICS, that's the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors independent surveyor to see your property, just to check for structural problems or any other issues there might be.

He'll provide us with a formal valuation, that's the one we'll use to purchase your property.

What Happens After I Agree To Sell?


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Once we've agreed to purchase your property, we'll take care as much as we possibly can for you.

So, we'll instruct your solicitor and our solicitor to carry out the basic conveyancing process; that's just the legal transfer of the property from you to us, and they'll take care of a lot of things.

All you'll need to really do is sign contracts that come through the post and answer some basic inquiries on the property and that should be that. It should all be very straight forward and quick from there.

How Quickly Will I Receive The Cash For My Property?


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Once you've contacted us the average time to actually receive cash for the property is three weeks. It can sometimes be faster and it can sometimes be slower, if that's what an owner prefers.

But as soon as you contact us the whole process is then engaging to purchase just as quickly as possible and get you the cash that you need, fast.

What Kind Of Properties Do You Buy?


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We buy property throughout England and Wales and that can be anything from a studio flat, right through to a large detached house and of course anything in between.

Don't worry about condition, we'll purchase anything that's in good condition or bad, fire damaged, requiring modernisation, anything at we'll look at and we'll certainly give you an offer for that property.

Do You Charge Any Fees Or Costs?


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There is zero risk and zero cost coming to House Buy Fast.

We don't charge any fees and we also cover all valuation fees, of course you won't have an estate agent fee either.

So coming to us you know the price that we're paying for a property is the money you actually receive at the end of the day.

Who Deals With The Paperwork?


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We'll deal with as much of the paperwork as possible, so we'll instruct your solicitor as well as our own and they'll deal with most things between them.

We'll always help that process along, so if you've got any queries at all, don't hesitate to contact us or your solicitor for help or advice.

There are certain things that you'll need to do as a seller; signing the contract, replying to some basic inquiries about the property, but other than that, all of the paperwork is taken care of by us and your solicitor.

So, there is nothing to worry about.

Is Your Service Confidential?


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Compared to selling with an estate agent the whole process is confidential, there are no for-sale boards, no local advertising, etcetera. We just come in and purchase the property with no fuss.

There are a couple of things we have to do; instruct your solicitor and a local surveyor, but other than that nobody else is going to know that the property is changing hands until it has actually gone through.

How Long Have You Been In The Business?


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Personally I've been in the property business for nearly 30 years, but House Buy Fast has been purchasing property since 2008.

In that time we have helped hundreds and hundreds of people to achieve their ambitions of moving, with no fuss, no hassle and no strings.

Can I Use My Own Solicitor?


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If your solicitor is happy to act as fast as you require, then yes by all means do use your solicitor and we'll cover the cost.

If however you feel that you would like to have a solicitor recommended by us, we're happy to do so.

We'll give you two or three to choose from and you can go with them, if you wish, and we'll cover the cost of them as well.

Are You A Member Of Any Professional Body?


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We know how important it is for people to have peace of mind, so we're members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme which means there is a form of redress if anything goes wrong and we're also founder members of the NAPB which is The National Association Of Property Buyers.

It is there to help people make the right choice, an informed decision when they're choosing a cash buyer and to look at other routes that might be open to them.

So we feel the redress scheme is very important and that's why we belong to it.

Can I Deal With One Person Or Is It A Call Centre?


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It's a question that we often get asked.

  • am I just one of a number? or;
  • is this a call centre?

The answer is, absolutely not.

We're all long term property professionals who know the importance of good customer service and you'll be dealing with the same person through the whole process.

So that's from your initial call right through to the completion when we've purchased the property.

What If My Situation Changes And I Don't Need To Sell?


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Remember, by selling to us there's zero risk and zero fees. So, if you do have to pull out of the transaction, that's fine.

There's no charge to us whatsoever and we'll even cover the cost of your solicitors.

So, there is nothing to worry about if your circumstances do change and you have to withdraw from the sale.