House Buy Fast customer stories

Read our customer stories from happy House Buy Fast users who received everything they wanted from our service and more.

Living room
Juliet Blewitt’s quick house sale story

"We chose House Buy Fast as Robin was open and honest from the start. He said that the sale would be guaranteed and quick. The family wanted to sell the house and move on with our lives"

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Christine Beel's quick house sale story

"Anyone wishing to sell a property quickly, House Buy Fast would be a great option to consider, the whole process is quick and hassle free"

Front of property
Mike Brownlow's quick house sale story

"House Buy Fast stuck to their offer after visiting the property, unlike the other similar organisations who reduced their initial offer quite a lot, or said there would be a delay in completion if we wanted the full amount"

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John Turner's Quick House Sale Story

"House Buy Fast made it so easy and stress free. I would recommend them to anyone trying to sell a property quickly and efficiently"

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