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Halloween ghoul

Top 10 DIY Halloween Decorations

  1. Halloween Bat Doormat
  2. Bat Doormat

    An amazing and inexpensive bat doormat to welcome guests in style.

    Learn how to create it here.

  3. Rip Cheesecloth and Hang It from the Ceilings
  4. Cheesecloth

    A cheap and easy way to make your home look creepy.

  5. Attach Pipe Cleaners to Mini Pumpkins to Make Halloween Spiders
  6. Spider Pumpkins

    Make your candles come alive with pipe cleaners to really freak out your guests.

  7. Freeze Water in a Latex Glove to Make an Ice Hand
  8. Ice Hand

    Put your ice hand into the punch to keep it cool and for great effect.

  9. Turn Your Fridge into a Ghost
  10. Ghost Fridge

    Easily turn your fridge into an extra and unexpected guest.

    Learn how to create it here.

  11. Make Halloween Cake Pops
  12. Halloween Cakepops

    Create these scary but edible treats.

    Learn how to create them here.

  13. Black Pumpkin Decoration
  14. Black Pumpkin

    Create these unusual black pumpkins and unnerve passersby.

    Learn how to create it here.

  15. Display Your Organs and Specimens
  16. Organ Specimen Jars

    Create these slightly terrifying specimen jars that are actually quite tasty.

    Learn how to create them here.

  17. Realistic Budget Body Bags
  18. Halloween Bodies

    Expect a visit from the police if you're hanging these outside your house.

    Learn how to create them here.

  19. Blood-Stained Towels
  20. Blood Stained Towels

    Apparently things didn't end well for the last person who used this bathroom.

    Some paint or food dye should do the trick when creating these.

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