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Would Walter White Make Dad of the Year?

Sunday 15th June is Father’s Day, one day to thank Dad for everything he’s done for you. Mending things, telling embarrassing stories about you to whoever will listen, setting the rules and of course, dancing at weddings – there is no end to the things Dad’s will do for their offspring.

Marvel have revealed the results of their annual celebrity Father of the Year Award, with contenders including Sir Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah and Simon Cowell – perhaps the most suprising entry this year for the confirmed bachelor. The overall winner was Tom Fletcher from the pop band McBusted, whos wife gave birth to baby boy Buzz in March this year. After receiving the prize Tom said that’ll where the award forever to remind his son of how great his dad is.

Paternal fears and over protection feature heavily in many important movies over the last decades. Think of The Godfather and as important as the business dealings and turf wars is the notion of family and protection. Bryan Mills, the ruthless father in the Taken franchise acts out much of the secret fantasy many Fathers share about efficiently dispatching anybody who stands in their children’s way.

But ask kids just who their own father reminds them of, Homer Simpson and even Breaking Bad’s Walter White are a popular choice – the latter you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with.

The infographic is a celebration of all the great dads, old and new, real and fiction. We hope you all have a great day this Sunday, why not Tweet Us and tell us why you’re a great dad.

Happy Fathers Day!


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