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Do Students Or Young People Need A Guarantor To Rent?

This question was from Zoopla User kayjeffrey.

I would like to know what documents a 21 year old student would have to show to rent a house after university and would they need a guarantor to sign as guarantors for them?

Could somebody let me know about this please? Only we won't be signing as guarantors for our daughter.

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Video Transcription

If you are 21 you don't need anyone to sign on your behalf, in the United Kingdom if you're over 18 you can sign a contract for a property or in fact anything else.

Obviously you are still quite young and if you aren't yet earning a particularly good income the agent or landlord may well ask for a guarantor to cover any shortfall in rent that there may be if you don't meet the payments.

So whilst you don't actually need a guarantor, it might be that you're still asked for one.

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