Impact Of An Electricity Substation On The Value Of A House

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What is the typical impact on the price of a house if an electricity substation is next to the property?

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Electricity substations are dotted around every town, village and city in the country and these can sometimes have an adverse affect on property value.

Not everyone wants to live next door to one and that can be because there was, some years ago, a school of thought that they may have some impact on health in the same way electricity pillions running too close to a property.

There doesn’t seem to be any proof that I’ve heard of, of that situation that’s come out, and of course I think we would be hearing a lot more about it if it was the case.

So, I think it’s up to you to weight up individually whether you want to buy a property next door to a substation.

The only thing I would say, other than the health aspect, is that very often they are neglected, so they may have grounds around them, gardens and that kind of thing, that can be overgrown.

From time to time you might need to moan at your electricity company, just to get the cut down if weeds or hedges or so on are blowing into your garden.

Other than that, I certainly would buy and live in a property next door to one and unless you can tell me otherwise I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to too.

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