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Do Solar Panels Increase The Value Of Your House?

This question was from Zoopla User stoney523 about installing solar panels and what affect this can have on your property value and saleability.

Do solar panels increase the value of a house?

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Video Transcription

There is no doubt that solar panels do offer some great benefits, you can have cheaper electricity in your home and even sell some of that electricity back onto the grid. So, you can save money and potentially make money.

The look of the solar panels though, can have an adverse affect on the value of the property or it's saleability. Of course, not everybody likes the look of them particularly if they're on the front of the house.

I think it's also important to say that where they're sold on contracts and the panels are on the roof for a period of 25 years, come what may, many buyers will shy away from that, not wanting to get involved in a long contract they may have no way out of.

So, I think if you're thinking of installing, you need to consider all of the facts and the saleability, consider your lifestyle, what you think about environmental issues, cost, etc, and make your decision from there.

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