Brighton’s Graffiti And Street Art – Is It Ruining The City?

We take a look at some of the best pieces of graffiti and street art found in Brighton & Hove to answer the question, is it an eyesore or a welcome sight in the city?

Arguments always erupt over the legitimacy of graffiti in the art world and I’ve taken to to gather as many opinions I can.

Graffiti is not art, it’s vandalism! I hear people all the time try to excuse graffiti as art. But the truth is that it’s vandalism and destruction of other people’s property.

Art is a method of expressing oneself. Graffiti is a method of expressing yourself, in a strong and public manner.

Graffiti can be art only if it isn’t somewhere art is NOT meant to be. Like on someone’s property with out permission. That is when it isn’t art any more. It’s vandalism.

We need to remember some taggers are professionals, or trying to make a wall come alive, imagine a city with colourful walls…. everywhere.

Opposition of the urban style of art often critique the actions of these artists as vandalism. While supporters argue that people should be allowed to express themselves in an environment where they can promote their art, I certainly agree that you should encourage freedom of expression rather than quell gifted talents.

Rain Or Shine

Why Try Harder

Brightons Graffiti In The Lanes

Graffiti In Brightons North Lanes

Brighton Graffiti In The North Lanes

Here you can see some of the graffiti that covers most of Brightons walls. There is certainly artistic talent at play here, and an incredible amount of time and effort.

My question to you, is this still considered vandalism? If you were walking down a street and stumbled upon one of these pieces, would you be scared, as many people claim to feel when they see graffiti.

Now I know not all graffiti looks this good, or this detailed, and some people do it purely out of spite – do we let the actions of a few effect the many? So should the question be that we need proper education on types of street art that exist and eradicate pointless tagging?

Brighton Graffiti On Upper Gardner Street

Famous Banksy Graffiti On The Prince Albert

Famous Banksy Graffiti On The Prince Albert

Famous Banksy graffiti on the side of The Prince Albert pub, alongside with other famous people, such as George Best, Elvis, James Brown and The Beatles.

Speaker Graffiti In Brighton Lanes

Brighton Lanes Graffiti Near Wagamama

Lanes, Brighton Graffiti Near Infinity Foods

Brighton Graffiti In The Lanes

Graffiti In Brighton Lanes

Brighton Lanes Graffiti

Totem Pole Graffiti In Brighton Lanes

Totem Pole Graffiti In Brighton Lanes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Graffiti Brighton

Admit it, this is the coolest one of the lot isn’t it?!

Brighton Graffiti Near Infinity Foods

Bear Graffiti In Brighton Lanes

Brighton Lanes Graffiti

Brighton North Lanes Graffiti

Memorial Graffiti In Brightons North Lanes

James Brown Graffiti In Brightons Lanes

This is a city that welcomes graffiti with open arms, letting the artistic nature of their residents run wild. The city is full of mural, popular culture references and tributes to inspirational people across the globe.

Let me ask you, what would you prefer, a drab and boring city with grey walls or a colourful skyline with inspiration that could potentially inspire you to create something as beautiful?

I look forward to your comments on the subject of urban art.

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  • felix

    Graffiti is art regsrdless..if you a “bomber” out with the purpose of destroying other peoples poeces or just to make a wall untidy its not art. But 95% of any graff is art. It is repression in carnett. Caused by having your voice silenced by the government regime. If somebody put a mona lisa on a wall in an inapropriate place would it get the same stick ass graff art? Ignorant philistines have the loudest voice because the informed can be bothered humouring them.