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Does Spending Money On Your Property Increase The Value of Your Property?

Everyone wants to know how to increase the value of their property in today's market.

Find out how you can with a few simple tips from Jonathan Rolande, in the video below.

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Home Improvements That Add The Most Value

Top Home Improvements Return on Investment Profit (Median) Average Costs
Conservatory 108% 5,750 5,300
Garden 88% 4,000 4,550
Exterior 75% 4,500 6,000
Extension 71% 14,000 19,750
Roof 63% 2,600 4,150
Floor carpets 50% 2,000 4,000
Loft 50% 12,000 24,600
Kitchen 49% 4,750 9,600
Bathroom 48% 2,350 4,900

Source: Zopa

Video Transcription

As a rule of thumb if you spend money on a property it does have an impact on the value, and that's normally a good one. The price goes up.

However if you are not sure, do take some good advice from perhaps local surveyors or estate agents about what you're going to do to the property.

Sometimes it is possible to overspend, so for example installing a tennis court in a small terrace house might not be the best idea and could even have a devaluing effect.

So get some good advice before you do anything and you shouldn't go far wrong.

The normal things that improve the value of a property are things such as improvements to kitchens, bathrooms and flooring, be it carpets or laminate wood flooring, something of that kind.

Those are generally the three things that people look for first when they are viewing a property and could encourage them to pay just that little bit more.

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