Happy Holidays20231219113512

Happy Holidays

Jonathan RolandeDecember 19, 20230 comments
During these turbulent times in the property market, we extend warm Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones. May the holiday season bring moments ...
How many months of mortgage arrears before repossession20231010111243

How many months of mortgage arrears before repossession

Klara PainterOctober 10, 20230 comments
If you own a house in the UK, keeping up with your mortgage month payments is super important to keep your home. But sometimes, life throws us curveba...
The UK Housing Crisis: Now’s the time to talk about its impact on society20220708133728

The UK Housing Crisis: Now’s the time to talk about its impact on society

The task ahead of the latest Housing Minister is immense. Since 1997, twenty of his predecessors from both parties have failed to get to grips with th...
Eco house or energy-efficient?20220427114050

Eco house or energy-efficient?

Klara PainterApril 27, 20220 comments
Eco houses are a different concept from energy-efficient homes. Eco houses promote a concept of sustainability, upcycling and efficiency but it isn't ...
Eggcelent addresses in the UK [Updated 2023]20220412113621

Eggcelent addresses in the UK [Updated 2023]

Klara PainterApril 12, 20220 comments
  Eggcelent addresses in the UK With Easter just around the corner, the team at House Buy Fast decided to hop into action and scrambled to come u...
Challenging your Council Tax band20220331111502

Challenging your Council Tax band

Klara PainterMarch 31, 20220 comments
I think that my council tax band is wrong.No matter where you live you are obliged to pay council tax. Whether you live in a small flat, a detached ho...
Goodbye gas, hello heat pumps – but there’s confusion20211119093014

Goodbye gas, hello heat pumps – but there’s confusion

Jonathan RolandeNovember 19, 20210 comments
Twenty-two million UK homes are heated by natural gas. The government wants us to replace gas boilers with heat pumps in a bid to reduce carbon emissi...
Spooky Happenings in Worthing – revisited.20211029093919

Spooky Happenings in Worthing – revisited.

Klara PainterOctober 29, 20210 comments
Number 7 is widely known for its mystical powers, broken mirror brings 7 years of misery; on the other side 7 is considered to be a lucky number for m...
5 Bathroom Trends20210922110914

5 Bathroom Trends

Camilla WoolgarSeptember 22, 20210 comments
We have taken a look at the emerging bathroom trends so you can transform yours into a restful retreat, a place to relax and unwind. Refreshing a bath...