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20 Photos Of Brighton That Will Make You Want To Move There

Get your bags packed, because after seeing these shots youíll be heading to the coast!

  1. Brighton probably has the best beach in the UK
  2. Brighton Beach

    Brighton beach. Image by Pablo FernŠndez.

  3. With a beautiful pier thatís equally good
  4. Brighton Pier

    Brighton Pier. Image by Berit Watkin.

  5. You can just chill on iconic colourful deck chairs
  6. Colourful Deck Chairs

    Colourful deck chairs. Image by Joao Paulo Fernandes.

  7. In fact, itís colourful and arty nearly everywhere
  8. Brighton Graffiti

    Brighton graffiti and art. Image by Jonathan Rolande.

  9. And I mean everywhere, itís great!
  10. Brighton Artwork

    Artwork on telephone junction box. Image by James Butler.

  11. The buildings are really beautiful
  12. Royal Pavilion

    Prince Regent Royal Pavilion in Summer. Image by Dominic Alves.

  13. Even in the Winter!
  14. Royal Pavilion Covered In Snow

    Prince Regent Royal Pavilion in Winter. Image by Leonski Oh Leonski.

  15. Youíll have some of the best evening walks in your life
  16. Brighton Seafront

    Brighton Seafront. Image by The Ewan.

    Can't afford to live in Brighton? Compare living in Worthing vs Brighton (20 minutes away!).

  17. Or you can just chill on the beach!
  18. Deck Chairs On Brighton Beach

    Deckchairs on Brighton beach. Image by Thomas Abbs.

  19. And watch the sun go down
  20. Brighton Sunset

    Brighton sunset. Image by Andrea

  21. Some of the best craft beer there is
  22. Brighton Craft Beer

    Craft beer in Brighton. Image by CK Golf Solutions.

  23. And some of the best pub views
  24. Brighton Pub View

    Pub view in Brighton. Image by Dominic Alves.

    Check out this awesome Brighton pub guide.

  25. You can find everything youíll ever need in The Laines
  26. Brighton Laines

    The Laines, Brighton. Image by Mike Beales.

  27. Bikers love it too
  28. Brighton Motorbikes

    Motorbikes on Brighton seafront from Ace Cafť. Image by devopstom.

  29. And they appreciate the vintage stuff
  30. Brighton Vintage Motorbike

    Vintage motorbikes in Brighton. Image by Flattrackers and Caferacers.

  31. Some of the best music events and festivals
  32. Concorde 2

    Gig in Concorde 2, Brighton. Image by Sam Ford.

  33. And some of the most intimate venues
  34. Komedia

    Brighton, Komedia building. Image by Luke Andrew Scowen

  35. You can even party on the street, just because
  36. Street Party Brighton

    Street party in Brighton. Image by Paul Simpson.

  37. And on the beach!
  38. Beach Party Brighton

    Brighton beach party. Image by marcus_jb1973

  39. And above allÖ..itís ok to be different
  40. Guy In Lion Suit

    Hmm.... Image by Heather Buckley.

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