Not From London And Not Sure Where To Buy A Property

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Not from London, not sure where to buy.

Having to try and buy a 3 bed house somewhere (anywhere!) in London on budget of £425K max. Can anyone recommend areas to look in? South East looks the most promising.

Worried as I keep seeing nice Victorian houses in Shooters Hill and Plumstead but not sure if these are nice places to live in (and commute to central London). Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you’re thinking about buying a property in London or in fact any area that you’re not familiar with, it’s vital that you do your research before you commit to purchase.

What I would do is to go on something like just to check all of the areas to find out the kind of areas that are within the budget for the property that I want. I would then have a good wonder around those areas myself and make sure you go there at different times of day as well.

So, it might be first thing in the morning, during the evening as well. Just in case the nature of the location changes and you don’t like it at one particular time or another.

This is especially important, for example, if the property is near a school; go there when the schools are starting or finishing. Just to see how congested the area is, for example, and that way you’ll know if you can learn to live with in or not.

Once you’ve done that, then visit local estate agents and get their advice on the area, start to view properties and do things such as, police crime reports for the area and look at the standard of local shops and businesses in the area as well as the people walking around. Just make sure that that’s the sort of location you want to be in.

I think there is nothing better than advice from a friend, if you have somebody who lives locally, have a word with them and just see what they think of your proposed purchase too.

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