Home Buyer Survey Shows Condensation, Should I Ask For A Reduction On Pric

This question was from Zoopla (via Zoopla ‘Askme’- now closed) user lalitaagra, who has queries about a home report and condensation.

Home Buyer survey shows condensation in bathroom and kitchen, needs more work.

Should I ask for a reduction in price which I offered initially?

Home Buyer Survey Shows Condensation, Should I Ask For A Reduction On Price

Jonathan Rolande talks about condensation coming up on a home report and whether or not to ask for a price reduction.

Video Transcription

You’ve had a home buyer survey that shows condensation. Now, generally that’s caused by the lifestyle of the people living in the property, perhaps they’re not opening windows enough after showering or cooking and that kind of thing, or drying clothes on radiators indoors.

That can cause terrible problems with mould growing throughout the property, particularly where there is not good air circulation. That would be behind wardrobes for example, you’ll get a nasty shock when you move those out. There can be some things that cause condensation as well to do with the structure of the building.

So, if it’s made of concrete or for example if it has cavity wall insulation and that’s become wet through defective pointing or something of that kind, that wet insulation can sit in the walls and cause terrible damp problems within the house.

So, I think, before you ask for a reduction find out why the house is condensation. Is it just because the current owner does open the windows or is it something to do with the structure of the property, which could be expensive to rectify.

Once you’ve got those facts straight I think then if it’s a problem with the property, it is up to current owner to consider a price reduction. Otherwise they’re selling something that’s defective, a bit like if you try to sell a car without an MOT.

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande

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