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Footing The Bill For A Broken Chain

This question was from Zoopla user james51111 about property chains.

Hi all. I have a question for any knowledgeable people. I'm currently in the middle of a chain due to complete in 2 weeks and received a call from the estate agents yesterday about the house that's at the top of the chain.

Footing The Bill For A Broken Chain

Jonathan Rolande from talks about footing the bill for a broken chain during a property sale in the UK.

Video Transcription

Unfortunately with the system that we have in the United Kingdom, if you do purchase a property or you're in the throws of selling one and somebody within that changes their mind or has a change of circumstances or pulls out, the chain can collapse.

Unfortunately that's just the way it is and there is not really anyway of recovering your fees from the person you are buying from or selling to, if they change their mind. Even if it is without good reason.

The only thing that could do, is to take out a fee insurance. That's possible to do, which covers you if the chain does fall through. Of course there is a cost element to that.

Well these days there are plenty of companies around offering conveyancing, solicitor work in other words, on a sale no fee basis. So you might choose to use one of these companies if not.

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