En-Suite Bathroom VS Additional Storage Space To Increase House Value

Jonathan talks about increasing the value of your home with storage space or an en-suite bathroom.

Which would be better to increase the value of my home and the saleability, adding extra storage space or an en-suite bathroom?

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Video Transcription

It’s difficult to say without knowing your exact property and area, etc, as to what’s going to add more value – an en-suite bathroom or additional storage space.

As a rule of thumb, it’s normally worth the cost of installing an en-suite bathroom because this is really a feature that a lot of people are looking for now.

I think with growing families and people wanting the privacy of an en-suite, I think that will add more than just having, for example, a large walk in wardrobe.

I would personally take some good advice from a local estate agent or two and see what they think, because they ultimately know your area very well.

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