The Best Christmas House Makeovers

After more weeks of being locked down, many of us are feeling tired of our homes. True, some will be planning to put their house on the market in the spring, whilst others have decided on some adaptations to make – including a new office space! All of us, would love to give our home a fresh new seasonal look for Christmas – whatever it has in store for us!

Enhance Your Pavement Appeal!

Be honest, is your home looking a little tired and neglected from the pavement? If it is, why not get to work on giving it a fresh new look so that Santa cannot miss it? True, it will take you time, but not too much money, to give the front of your home a snazzy new look that will definitely impress your neighbours!

Get Out the Paintbrush!

If you have a few days of dry weather predicted on the weather forecast, why not give your wooden fence a lick of preserving wood stain to help protect it and also smarten it up? There are various shades to choose from and within a few hours, you can have the fence looking like new again.

Check the paint or varnish on the front door, window seals and garage door and if it is looking past its best, get some fresh paint/ varnish applied as you will be surprised and impressed by the difference it will make. A fresh coat of paint in any colour will look great, but this season’s popular shades are black, white, black and white together, bright pillar box red and really pale blue. Last season’s grey tones are still proving popular and may well be a new classic!

Add Some Modern Touches

If you have wheelie bins cluttering up the front of your house, why not hide them behind a decorative fence panel? If your hanging baskets are past their prime, they can be filled with some colourful winter flowers such as cyclamen and winter pansies. To ensure that Santa does not lose his way some fun outside lights (powered by UV) and a modern new house number will definitely complete the look! Of course, if you want to REALLY celebrate Christmas you can compete with the Gibbs family in Benfleet, Essex, to have the house with the most Christmas lights!

And Moving Inside

With shorter days and cooler weather ahead, it is fun to give your home a welcoming new look on the inside too!

The Sitting Room/Lounge

Usually the most popular room in the house (except at meal times!) is the lounge, but you probably feel that you have seen more than enough of your lounge this year – especially if you had to convert it into your office during the lockdowns! The great news is that you can give your lounge a seasonal makeover quickly and relatively cheaply.

Another Job for the Paintbrush!

If you feel like doing something drastic, how about painting a signature wall? One of the popular looks is to recreate that of a Victorian parlour. The Victorians loved deep colours for their walls such as burgundy, navy blue and forest green.

The theme can be carried through very successfully by adding some new curtains. If you have good quality curtains, but are bored with them, why not dye them in a lovely rich colour and add some smart tie-backs with tassels? Curtains can change the whole look of a room and have the advantage of helping to conserve the heat when the temperature drops sharply.

Change Some of the Home Furnishings

Another easy way to change the character of your lounge is to move the furniture around and to consider changing the pictures on the wall. If you have been promising yourself some new photo frames, why not splash out as these will help create a fresh new look for your room. Complement the look with new soft furnishings. Changing your sofa is expensive, but you can easily change the scatter cushions and throws, choosing ones that are in rich colours and textures. Soft cosy throws on each chair will look inviting and a large colourful rug on the floor will pull your new colour scheme together well.

Invest in Some New Lighting

In an interview recently, a top interior designer explained that investing in some new lighting can make a real difference to a room, especially as uplighters and wall lights can be used to create warm, intimate pools of light. Instead of using strong clear white lights which are ideal for work areas, choose softer golden hued lights are more relaxing and welcoming.

Pay Attention to Detail

With Christmas firmly on the horizon and many wintery nights ahead, the perfect addition to your lounge are candles. Group chunky candles of differing heights in threes and they will look lovely as they are reflected by the Christmas baubles. Interior designers like the number three and use it a great deal for arrangements of different trinkets or groups of photographs on the wall. Create a pretty seasonal arrangement of candles, logs and fir cones on a coffee table or cabinet.

Add Some Indoor Plants

One of the cheapest ways to give your room a fresh look is to introduce some indoor plants. If for example, you opt for a Victorian theme, you can buy some large houseplants that the Victorians loved to have in their parlours such as ferns and palms. If you feel that you and plants just don’t get on, it could be a good idea to ask Santa for some of the top quality faux plants because no one will ever tell the difference!

By now, your home should be feeling as though it has definitely had a seasonal makeover and you can look forward to relaxing over Christmas and opening Christmas stockings with your loved ones – you will probably find that Santa has popped a new paintbrush in the top of yours!

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Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande began in the property industry in 1987 and has extensive knowledge of the property buying sector. Jonathan is also an avid supporter of greater regulation in the industry. Founding the National Association of Property Buyers to offer essential information to property sellers.