Government News for House Sellers

When homeowners are looking for advice about selling, the internet is awash with opinion from home seller forums, estates agents, auctioneers, property buyers, optimists, pessimists, buyers, other sellers. You name it.

Well at last there is one that can be trusted to be completely impartial.

On the 7th of May 2019 the Government released their new ‘How to Sell’ guide (there is also a ‘How to Buy’ version) and at 22 pages it is packed full of useful hints and tips such as:

  • Paperwork requirements
  • Leasehold issues
  • Probate
  • Choosing a buyer
  • Removals
  • What to do if things go wrong

And many more.

The guide is clear, well written, factual and unbiased – just what sellers need before they leap into the sales process which can be complicated, full of jargon and dubious opinion!

The guide, issued by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government can be found here

And when it comes to choosing a buyer, if considering selling your property to a company offering an instant cash purchase as the guide rightly says;

“You should use a firm that is a member of The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), as they are signed up to The Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice.”

We couldn’t agree more – but then again, House Buy Fast helped to found The NAPB back in 2013!

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande began in the property industry in 1987 and has extensive knowledge of the property buying sector. Jonathan is also an avid supporter of greater regulation in the industry. Founding the National Association of Property Buyers to offer essential information to property sellers.