7 Pictures Of Homes In England That Will Blow Your Mind

If money was no object, which property from our list would you choose?

  1. “Bring the Royce to the front, would you Alfred.”
  2. Property in Virginia Water, London

    A property in Virginia Water, for sale via Knight Frank.


  3. You might bump into Her Majesty the Queen here.
  4. Property in Bishops Avenue, London

    A property in the Bishops Avenue area of London, for sale via Knight Frank.


  5. Oh darling, this is just my summer home.
  6. Property in Barnet, Hertfordshire

    A property in Hertfordshire for sale via Savills.


  7. A garage for every one of my Aston Martins.
  8. Property in Gloucestershire

    A property in Gloucestershire for sale via Savills.


  9. Damn, I can only fit one of my boats there.
  10. Property in Sandbanks, Dorset

    A property in Sandbanks for sale via Savills.


  11. A spot of tennis before tiffin?
  12. Property in Godalming, West Sussex

    A property in West Sussex for sale via Hamptons International.


  13. Wow. Just wow.
  14. Property in Windlesham, Surrey

    A property in Surrey for sale via Savills.

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  • Number 3 looks amazing, I checked out the extra photos via the link 🙂