Taking The Bath Out And Replacing With A Two Person Shower

This question is from Zoopla user tinaass who asking about replacing a bath with a shower and how this could effect saleability.

Taking the bath out replacing with a two person shower.

We rent a one bedroom flat and have just been asked if they could replace the bath with a shower. My husband and I are concerned it will be harder to resell at a later date.

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Video Transcription

The simple answer, I’m afraid, is yes and no. Is it right or wrong, well I think it depends really on the style of the property that you have and also the area.

So, for example, if you have a bungalow in an area that’s generally occupied by older people, chances are they’re probably going to want a bath.

So, it would be wrong to replace it, however, in a more urban area, a city and that kind of thing, then a shower is much faster and more convenient for the demographic of buyer that you’ll be appealing too.

I think this is an important decision to make, so I would ask the advice of one or two local estate agents who know your area very well and I’m sure you can’t go far wrong if you ask them.

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