Is It Possible To Secure A Property Several Months Before Moving

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Is it possible to secure a property several months before moving?

My girlfriend and I want to move to Basingstoke in September 2014, but we have to have a contract signed before January 2014.

It seems that all letting in Basingstoke is done on extremely short notice though, with properties going up for let with the expectation of having an occupant four weeks later.

Is there any way at all to find a place in this town several months ahead?

Is It Possible To Secure A Property Several Months Before Moving

Jonathan Rolande talks about securing a property several months before moving in.

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If you’re thinking of renting a property, it is possible to secure it several months before you want to move.

That’s by simply viewing properties whilst normally tenants are still in occupation, seeing out the last term of there tenancy and you could then put a deposit down with the landlord or agent and that property could then be held for you up until the point that they move out.

If the property does become vacant but you still don’t want to move in, I would say that 99 percent of landlords are going to want you to cover the rent until you move in, so they don’t really care whether you’re in there or not, as long as they’re receiving their rent. Of course, that might be convenient for you but it’s going to be a costly option.

If you’re thinking about buying a property, then the whole process to purchase normally takes 2-3 months anyway, so you’ve got quite a good time lag there and you could always explain to an owner when you view a property that you’re wanting to move on a certain date and see if that fits in with them.

Just be aware, most people who are on the market want to sell as soon as possible so, probably, they’ll choose another buyer over you if you’re not careful, if the delay is too long.

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande

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