How to prepare your house for sale: online and real life-presentation

Selling a house is a big job that requires careful planning and preparation. Whether you’re planning to list your property online or showcase it in the real estate market, presenting your house in the best possible light is crucial to attracting potential buyers and achieving a successful sale. In this guide, we will explore essential steps to prepare your house for sale, both online and in real life.


One common misconception is that everything in your house needs fixing before putting it on the market. However, not all repairs are necessary. While addressing critical issues like structural problems, electrical faults, plumbing leaks, and safety concerns is vital, minor cosmetic flaws can be overlooked, as they are easily fixable and could be part of the negotiation process.


In the dynamic UK property market, the significance of property presentation cannot be understated. According to a study by the Home Staging Association UK, staged homes sell up to 3 times faster than their non-staged counterparts. This impressive statistic highlights the impact of a well-prepared and visually appealing house on potential buyers. The same study revealed that staged properties often achieve a higher sale price, with some homes selling for up to 8-10% more than their initial asking price. This proves that investing time and effort into preparing your house for sale can yield substantial financial benefits in the UK property market.


Moreover, you don’t have to fix everything before selling your house. Some buyers actually prefer properties that require renovation, as it allows them to customise the house according to their preferences. Instead of focusing on exhaustive renovations, highlight the potential of your property and emphasise any unique selling points that can set it apart from other listings.


Several factors can make a house challenging to sell. One of the most common pitfalls is overpricing, which can discourage potential buyers. To avoid this, do your research or ask estate agents to determine a competitive and reasonable asking price. Additionally, an outdated or cluttered interior can make it difficult for buyers to envision the potential of the property. Consider staging your house or at least declutter to make it less personal.


When selling your house, you may be legally required to disclose any damp or water damage issues to potential buyers. Being transparent about the condition of your property builds trust with potential buyers and can even lead to a smoother transaction.
As a responsible seller, you need to provide accurate and complete information to buyers. Common declarations include the presence of asbestos, lead paint, any structural or foundational issues, and any major repairs or renovations done on the property. In some areas, you may also need to disclose any history of pest infestations or environmental hazards

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I renovate my entire house before selling?

Renovating your entire house isn’t always necessary. Focus on essential repairs and consider updating key areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, as they can significantly impact the property’s appeal.

Are there advantages to selling my house online?

Yes, selling your house online can reach a broader audience and save time and effort. Online platforms also allow you to showcase your property with photographs and virtual tours, attracting more potential buyers.

How can I make my house stand out from other listings?

Staging your house, enhancing kerb appeal, and highlighting unique features can help make your property stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Should I use an estate agent or sell my house myself?

While it’s possible to sell your house yourself, working with an estate agent can streamline the process, provide expert guidance, and negotiate on your behalf.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes! You can sell your house to a cash buyer. Professional property buyers like House Buy Fast will buy your property as is, meaning you do not have do anything. Another bonus is that they cover all the conveyancing costs so you can sit back, relax and sell you house within days.