HouseBuyFast : Featured in May

We’re constantly helping people move their houses and we’re regularly featured in the press across the UK.


It has been an exceptionally cold May this year. We’ve had a few governmental announcements that kept our blood pumping fast.  It started with a Bank of England statement that they are raising their interest rates, again.  That was followed by the Queen’s Speech, delivered by Prince Charles. That sparked a debate about whether the proposed changes are brave enough to make a difference in the housing market. Mid May ONS has released the newest, March dated Property Price Index. With no surprise, the average property cost £278.000 that’s £24.000 more than last year!  Lastly, to add more fuel to the cost of living crisis, Ofgem announced that they are rising the energy price cap to £2800. The government responded with a rebate for every household and extra help for low-income families. More and more people are struggling or requiring our services like avoiding repossession.

It’s not all doom and gloom, this May has been a busy month for House Buy Fast, we’ve been featured in both printed and digital media. If case you missed it, highlight below-

Make sure there are no issues to overcome with the title of the property.  Many properties have restrictions or covenants on the title telling you what you can and can’t do there. Many of them date from Victorian times and just aren’t relevant anymore but might, in unusual circumstances, cause a problem. If your solicitor is worried, ask them to take out an indemnity policy that will cover all legal costs if something goes wrong later.

Jonathan Rolande

They say that big problems require big solutions. Housing is certainly a big problem, with millions unable to buy a property feeling simultaneously envious of the ten years of gains made by their home owning neighbours.

Rachel Henshaw

Auctions will become an even better places to go, particularly for cash buyers. They can have their pick of sellers who are keen but shift their property on the market.

Rachel Mortimer

Letting scams are a big issue. People should beware of adverts on social media and selling sites such as Gumtree that offer property to let for what seems like great value. Fraudsters use professional-looking images, property addresses and plausible-sounding adverts to let property over and over again when in fact, they have no right to do so even once. Deposits are taken from numerous ‘tenants’ who then find the property never materialises. Fraudulent adverts have already begun to appear offering ‘all-inclusive bills’ or cheap rent, to tempt the unwary.

Christian Thomas

At the end of the month Jonathan Rolande, director of HouseBuyFast had been interviewed live by Chris Walkey of Estate Agent Networking. Jonathan said that it made him feel quite nostalgic! if you missed it you can click here to watch it.