HouseBuyFast: Featured in February

As we bid farewell to the cold and dark days of winter, February brought in a glimmer of hope for brighter days ahead. House Buy Fast has had an eventful month, with several exciting developments and accomplishments to share.

One of the most notable highlights was our feature in several prominent media outlets, which has helped to spread the word about what we do best. We are grateful for the positive exposure it has brought to House Buy Fast

Join us as we recount the exciting happenings of February and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead!

Property Industry Eye

The market got an enormous seismic sort of shock at that point. Everyone reacted accordingly, sellers who had to sell had to start reducing prices in order to tempt purchasers and obviously some purchasers took advantage of the situation, rightly or wrongly, and thought, ‘this is my time to re-negotiate the price.

Jonathan Rolande

Estate Agent Today

There are a number of reasons why a sale falls through – but among the most common are ill-health, redundancy, being declined a mortgage and not being able to secure an affordable rate.

Jonathan Rolande

Letting Agent Today

So far at least, the property market is proving resilient and price reductions have been quite small – a few percent or so. This keeps many out of danger.

Jonathan Rolande

City AM

Foreign ownership is reducing available stock in the sales and rental sector and pushing up prices.

Jonathan Rolande

The Telegraph

If it’s really high-quality equipment and is nicely decorated, it’s not so bad. But many are tired and full of under-used equipment and weights. It is also a reminder of the bad old days of lockdowns.


Jonathan Rolande

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