HouseBuyFast: Featured in December

Welcome to 2023! HouseBuyFast would like to wish that all your property dreams come true this year! Let’s step back and recap what happened in the property market last month. In December despite the festive atmosphere in the office House Buy Fast helped many people to sell their properties and move on toward a brighter future in the new year. We’ve been featured in many media outlets including House Beautiful (WOW!), Estate Agent Today, and Essex Magazine.

Property Industry Eye

Government figures show we need at least 300,000 new properties a year,” he said. “This keeps up with demand, but does little to massively increase stock in order to suppress sky high prices. But the stark reality is that even this relatively conservative figure has not been met.

Jonathan Rolande

Estate Agent Today

The reality of harsher property market conditions is beginning to affect not just property prices, but the price of shares in property building companies across the sector as well. For some time we have seen housebuilder share prices dropping due to the consequences of the market and the cladding scandal.

Jonathan Rolande

House Beautiful

Remember that a gas cooker will work and can heat the room as well as your supper. Power is most likely to go off around dinner time, so think how you will be able to cook a warm meal for yourself and family. If power does go off, switch off unnecessary appliances that will switch on when power returns but leave a light on so that you know when power returns.

Jonathan Rolande

Essex Magazine

Landlords keep an eye on property prices, not just the rent that they’re receiving, but also the amount that their property value is going up or down, and actually that’s where most landlords make their money.

Jonathan Rolande

Scottish Daily Express

There are more and more scams out there and fraudsters are becoming so much more sophisticated in the way they target their victims. As well as out-and-out cons linked to offers on green energy and insulation, criminals are now using creative marketing which imply Government backing.


Jonathan Rolande

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