HouseBuyFast: Featured in May

Last month, we shared our insights on various property issues across several English media outlets. If you missed them, take a look below:

Estate Agent Today

“In the long run first timers don’t benefit from gimmicks such as a stamp duty holiday or guaranteed mortgages.”

Jonathan Rolande

GB News

 “As a nation, we are paying more death duties than ever before. HMRC raked in a record-breaking £6.1billion in 2021-22, doubling in the space of a decade. ”

Jonathan Rolande

Daily Express

“Nobody knows for certain what will happen. I believe such high estimates are very optimistic. But on the other hand, interest rates cuts, which we expect to see ahead of a General Election, could stimulate the market and lead to prices rising again.”

Jonathan Rolande

Letting Agent Today

“Many landlords would take the chance to offload unloved rental properties, leading to yet more evictions”

                                                                                                                                                                             Jonathan Rolande


The Sun

“Garages are rarely used for their intended purpose as cars are far more reliable and less prone to rust and so are perfectly happy outside. On the other hand, the amount of property space per person has been shrinking – converting a garage can make great sense.”


Jonathan Rolande

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