HouseBuyFast: Featured in July

July has come to an end and what a hot month it has been! Literally and metaphorically. The UK has broken a few records this month: the record temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius on the 19th of July. Then the inflation’s been at a 40-year high at 9.4%. On top of that newest ONS data revealed that the average (UK) house in May was £283,000 which is £32,000 higher than this time last year.
HouseBuyFast has been very busy as well, our team has rolled up their sleeves and helped many people move houses faster than ever before.

In case you missed it, we’ve been featured in many local and national news outlets. Jonathan, the director of HouseBuyFast and a spokesman for the National Association of Property Buyers commented, amongst others, on expensive extensions, the lack of housing supply and shorts at work.

Have a look at the highlights below:

The Mirror

We can expect to see people living in London and the southeast facing prices which are ten times their annual salary by the end of this year.

Jonathan Rolande

The Telegraph

That’s going to be an issue particularly in cities and London particularly, where people are really squeezing as much as they can onto the smallest space, because in cities there are more issues with boundaries and the value of space itself.

Jonathan Rolande

Daily Express

Buyer premiums are another tactic. It’s important if you are buying to read the small print to avoid paying additional money on top to cover the agent’s fees

Jonathan Rolande

Business Cheshire

Wherever you look; north, south, east or west there is a mismatch between demand and supply and this is pushing prices ever higher at a time where the majority have less in their pockets.

Jonathan Rolande

Estate Agent Today

One area estate agents have to take real care is ensuring all windows and doors are closed after viewings. Criminals watch and target properties which they know are empty and can and do strike between viewings

Jonathan Rolande