Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is an opportunity for us to reflect upon our environmental impact. It’s also a great time to discuss ways we can improve our environmental performance and make the changes we know are important — reducing our paper use, increasing recycling, or even transit use. You might assume everyone already practices these “common sense” behaviours. Well, maybe not. Sure, we have some employees who always remember to turn off the lights and cycle to work, but many don’t. And if it’s unclear that there are downsides to being less environmentally friendly in the office, this Earth Day could be an opportunity to change that mindset.

Many businesses say the right things when it comes to being ‘green’, but few put action behind their words. Below are some ideas that House Buy Fast has already incorporated. We are constantly changing and upgrading to become a real advocates for the environment.

“I love riding my bike to work. It’s a great way to save money and stay healthy. I wish there were more bike racks in the town though.”


charging point


“I always feel like a superhero when I plug in my car. It’s like I’m powering the world, one charge at a time.”

“I’m really happy that we’ve upgraded all our lights to LED in the office. It’s great to know that we’re doing our part to help the environment.”


“We always try to find local companies to help us.  It’s good for the environment and supports the local economy”



“Good to have a full kitchen in the office, warm lunch and a fresh cup of coffee make a difference!”


Now it’s your turn!