10 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

There is no better time than Spring to give your home a good clear-out and a thorough clean. Whether you are planning on putting your house on the market or just want to get everything in order for the warmer months ahead, a good Spring clean is worth the effort. Here are our top tips for Spring cleaning your home this year.

1. Declutter

The first step in your Spring clean should be identifying all the clutter you’ve accumulated in your home. The most effective rule to follow when it comes to decluttering is getting rid of items that you haven’t used in the last six months. Generally speaking, if you haven’t used something in six months, you will probably never use it again.

2. Donate, Recycle Or Bin

Once you know what you want to get rid of, you need to determine how you will dispose of it. Create separate piles for items you wish to donate, recycle or throw away. By doing this, you will quickly realise how many excess items you have lying around your house taking up space. Donate and recycle as much as you can, and only bin the things that won’t bring any value to someone else. 

3. Deep Clean Everyday Appliances

Taking time to clean appliances that you regularly use, such as the microwave, oven, and fridge, will bring you so much satisfaction. These are things you and your family are touching all the time, and dirt and grime can soon build up without your even realising. With just a little bit of effort, your appliances will be sparkling and fresh once again, and it can have a significant impact on the entire room. 

4. Transform Your Wardrobe

Set ample time aside to tackle your wardrobe. Separating all your clothes into seasons will make putting outfits together so much easier and means you can pack away the things you won’t need for the next few months. If you are putting your house up for sale, then this is a great way to showcase your wardrobe space to potential buyers.

5. Steam Clean Your Carpets

A tremendous amount of dirt, dust and hair builds up in your carpets, so it is worth giving them a really good clean at least once a year. Hiring a steam carpet cleaner will restore some colour to your carpets as well as drawing out all that dirt.

6. Make Light Work Of Cleaning Your Bathroom

Limescale in the bathroom can be a nightmare to remove. Use some white vinegar and leave it overnight on surfaces with heavy limescale. This will eliminate the need for scrubbing, and the next day you can simply wipe the grime away. 

7. Keep Your Bins Smelling Fresh

Give your bins a proper clean out with soap and water for an effective Spring clean. For all-year-round freshness, pop some dryer sheets in the bottom of your bin to soak up food odours and spillages.

8. Refresh Stained Tea And Coffee Mugs

It isn’t just your property that might need a bit of TLC in the Spring. Mugs are prone to staining, and you can use a bit of baking soda to remove tea and coffee stains from your favourite mugs. If you are moving home, do this before packing your cups away, so they are clean and shining for your new house. 

9. Freshen Up Your Bed

Flip your mattress if you haven’t done so recently and give it a good vacuum to get all the dust and skin particles out. Pick a sunny day to wash your pillows and mattress covers, and then leave them outside to dry.

10. Wash Your Windows And Doors

No Spring clean is complete unless you’ve given your windows and doors a thorough clean on both the inside and outside. Then you can sit back and appreciate the sun beaming through the sparkling clean glass.

If you are preparing your home to go on the market this Spring, then be sure to get in touch with our team at House Buy Fast. We can help you sell your property quickly and hassle-free so that you can get settling into your new home in no time. 

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande

Jonathan Rolande began in the property industry in 1987 and has extensive knowledge of the property buying sector. Jonathan is also an avid supporter of greater regulation in the industry. Founding the National Association of Property Buyers to offer essential information to property sellers.