Sell House Fast Process [Infographic]

Within just hours of speaking to you, with your permission, we will quickly assess your property and provide you with a free property appraisal, and an idea of time-scale to complete the quick property purchase.

We’ll also give you details of when a qualified independent surveyor will be available to visit you, usually within a day or two.

Our legal department are ready and waiting to deal with our quick property purchases, meaning that, if you sell your house fast with us, you’ll have a dedicated solicitor and a smooth property sale.

Sell House Fast Process

Whether you decide that you want House Buy Fast to buy your property or not, we’re here to help.

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Want To Sell Your House Fast?

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  • Cathy Perkins

    Really love your infographics. This one explained the fast sale process in a way that is far clearer than how I’ve seen it done on other websites. I also really liked your “happiest countries” one as well –

  • Thanks very much for the kind comments, glad you found it useful 🙂