Fastest-Selling Regions in July 202420240711120533

Fastest-Selling Regions in July 2024

Klara PainterJuly 11, 20240 comments
Rightmove recently released its research on the fastest-selling market areas in the UK for July 2024. If you’re curious about which locations ar...
Bought a house with undisclosed problems?20240613121434

Bought a house with undisclosed problems?

Klara PainterJune 13, 20240 comments
Bought a House with Problems Not Disclosed in the UK? Here's What to DoAfter purchasing your home, you might quickly realise it’s not the dream house ...
Unsold Auction Property20240528114726

Unsold Auction Property

Klara PainterMay 28, 20240 comments
Unsold Auction PropertyIf you’re searching for an unsold auction property near me, you’ve understood that post-auction, properties can turn into profi...
Can you sell house before probate?20240313113302

Can you sell house before probate?

Selling a house before probate is a common concern among individuals navigating the estate administration process. Understanding the probate process, ...
Your Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Fixer-Upper Quickly20240305131150

Your Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Fixer-Upper Quickly

Klara PainterMarch 5, 20240 comments
Are you ready to sell your fixer-upper property quickly and seamlessly? Selling a fixer-upper might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With the ...
EPC rating C20230224124950

EPC rating C

Klara PainterFebruary 24, 20230 comments
UK Landlords: How to Achieve EPC Rating of C by 2025/28 DeadlineReduce your energy bills!Are you a landlord, homeowner, or looking to sell your house?...
We buy any house: how much below market value?20230125131201

We buy any house: how much below market value?

Klara PainterJanuary 25, 20230 comments
What is a 'we buy any house' company?"We buy any house" companies offer homeowners the chance to sell their property at a discounted rate, providing t...
Are cash buyers the way to go?20220929111102

Are cash buyers the way to go?

Klara PainterSeptember 29, 20220 comments
It’s, unfortunately, true that the economy has made it tough to sell a house. With high-interest rates and a weak pound, many people are faced w...
What does ‘sitting tenant’ mean?20220705093718

What does ‘sitting tenant’ mean?

Klara PainterJuly 5, 20220 comments
You might've seen the foreign-sounding term 'tenants in situ' and wondered the meaning behind it. If so, you are in the right place! We will explain t...