Property Selling Guide
Discover how to sell a property in the UK

Our property selling guide is made up of many different articles and pieces from our website and property blog.

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Preparing To Sell Your House

Securing a property before selling

Is It Possible To Secure A Property Several Months Before Moving (Video)

Find out if it's possible to secure a property several months before moving home.

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House selling tips and saving money

House Selling Tips & Saving Money

Use our house selling tips to save you money from estate agents fees and shopping around to negotiate with removal companies.

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Negative equity meaning

What Negative Equity Means And Solutions

There are two forms of negative equity. Both unpleasant, but one worse than the other due to the limitations it puts on those who suffer it.

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Estate Agents & Viewings

Choosing an estate agent when selling

Choosing The Right Estate Agent To Sell Your House

Around a third of all sales agreed do not proceed, find out why and how you can achieve a quick sale.

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Sole agency agreements

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sole Agency Agreements

Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of using a sole agency agreement when selling your house through an estate agency.

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Fixed price or offers over

Selling Your House: Benefits Of Using A Fixed Price Or Offers Over (Video)

Find out the benefits of selling your property with offers over £X or setting a fixed price.

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Under offer meaning

What Does Under Offer Mean? (Video)

Find out what it means when the estate agents board outside a house says under offer.

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Pulling out of a property sale

Can You Pull Out Of A Property Sale (Video)

Find out when it's safe for you to pull out of a property sale without incurring any costs.

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Estate agency contracts

Estate Agents Contracts, What To Watch For

This article will help you understand how Estate Agents' contracts work, what to watch for and and how to negotiate for a better deal.

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Instructing a second estate agent

Instructing A Second Estate Agent During 28 Day Notice Period (Video)

Find out if it's possible to engage another estate agent while in the 28 day notice period with an old estate agent.

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Time wasting homebuyers

Why Some Home Buyers Will Waste Your Time

Find out what you can do to avoid home buyers wasting your time.

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What buyers will not like about your home

Ten Things A Buyer May Not Like About Your Home (Infographic)

A visual design showcasing what buyers will not like about your home, from Go Compare.

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Selling Through Other Routes

Selling at auction

What To Consider When Choosing An Auction Room

Find out what you need to consider when choosing which auction room to sell through.

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Property portals

Do You Need An Estate Agent To Get Onto A Property Portal? (Video)

Jonathan Rolande is answers a question about needing an estate agent to advertise your property on a property portal.

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Mortgages & Solicitors

Buying property with cash

Are There Any Hidden Costs When Buying A Property Without A Mortgage?

Jonathan Rolande talks about potential hidden costs when buying a property without a mortgage.

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What is a mortgage

What Is A Mortgage?

We explain what a mortgage is and how you go about obtaining one. How you can find the best mortgage deals going and who can help you.

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What is a solicitor

What Is Conveyancing And What Does A Solicitor Do?

If you’re thinking about using a conveyancing service for purchasing a property then this article will explain the whole process and how it works.

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Moving companies

How To Choose The Best Moving Company

This guide will help you choose the best removal company, find out how much removals cost and how to avoid dodgy removal companies.

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Selling share of freehold

Selling Share Of Freehold & Changing Lease (Video)

If you sell a share of the freehold to a leaseholder, can you also change conditions of the lease.

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Selling tenanted property

Selling A Tenanted Property (Video)

It's a very common situation where people would like to sell a property but they have tenants in situ, find out your options.

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Part exchange sale explained

Part Exchange Process Explained (Video)

Jonathan talks about the part exchange process, how it works and things to be aware of when deciding if it's the right route for you to sell your house.

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Energy Performance Certificates Explained

Energy Performance Certificates Explained

What are energy performance certificates, when do you need them and how much do they cost? All your questions about EPC's answered.

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Difference Between Freehold And Leasehold Property

Freehold And Leasehold Ownership Explained

Confused about freehold and leasehold? We explain the difference between freehold and leasehold property ownership.

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