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Top 5 Alternative Homes That'll Blow Your Mind

In 2014, we released our blog 'Can't Afford Traditional Housing? - Alternative Housing Ideas'. Here we covered alternative housing ideas such as houseboats, treehouses, shipping container homes and recreational vehicles. Have a read and see what alternative home you would choose!

We have found some of the most amazing eco homes across the Globe and want to share them with you! Our journey takes us from London all the way to Pembrokeshire on the Welsh coast.

5 - The Pavilion, London

[caption id="attachment_13064" align="alignnone" width="748"]The Pavilion, London. Image Source: http://www.e2architecture.com/[/caption]

Built for a total cost of 980,000 with the goal to last at least 200 years, this stunning building is located in the grounds of a grade II listed pavilion, Blackheath, London.

This eco home was one of the first private homes in the UK to gain level five on the government's code for sustainable homes. An idea we think should be more heavily promoted in the UK.

The lower ground floor is 'earth sheltered', meaning that the property uses the heat of the soil to keep the home warm. It might not be affordable housing but it's a luxury eco home that doesn't detract from the environment.

4 - Princedale Road, West London

[caption id="attachment_13066" align="alignnone" width="748"]Princedale Road, West London Image Source: http://www.theguardian.com[/caption]

A 2010 project to lower social housing emissions by 80%. Built by architects Paul Davis and Partners. This eco home uses about eight times less energy per square metre than the average social home.

Energy input has been cut by a staggering 94% - saving a massive 900 a year.

The renovation did cost a hefty amount of money, 179,000. Adding three water solar thermal panels to the top of the front facade and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system in the basement, didn't come cheap.

The chimney was removed from the property resulting in the property losing less heat through gaps in the insulation.

3 - Lammas, North Pembrokeshire

[caption id="attachment_13067" align="alignnone" width="748"]Lammas, North Pembrokeshire, Wales Image Source: http://www.lammas.org.uk/[/caption]

Visually appealing, Lammas ecovillage is an amazing robust and busy low impact rural development. In 2009 development on the site began in Tir y Gafel. Homes are built using eco friendly materials and recyclable materials.

Families living in the community are expected to make a living off the land - this has been done in many ways such as rearing livestock.

It is estimated none of the houses in the community cost more than 14,000 to build. Some may say it shows!

2 - The Slip House, Brixton, London

[caption id="attachment_13068" align="alignnone" width="748"]The Slip House, Brixton, London Image Source: http://www.ct-architects.co.uk/[/caption]

This 3 level house in south London been seen as "a vehicle for in-house research into sustainable design". Designed by Carl Turner and Mary Martin.

The container home is made of three stacked boxes, each serve a different function and maximise light in the home. Solar panels are found on the roof of the eco home. The home can also harvest rain water for consumption.

This property has a level five rating for sustainable homes.

1 - Zero Carbon House, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

[caption id="attachment_13069" align="alignnone" width="748"]Zero Carbon House, Balsall Heath, Birmingham Image Source: http://zerocarbonhousebirmingham.org.uk/[/caption]

This stunning home located in Birmingham was built by architect John Christophers. The roof of this eco home is riddle with 35 sq metres of solar panels.

The garden is cleverly planned to provide shade during the summer months and allow lots of sunlight through in the winter. John went one step further and utilised rainwater to use in the washing machine and toilets.

The counter tops in the kitchen are made from recycled glass, the stair rail is made of hemp.

A stunning home, and I hope we only see more of these pop up in the UK.

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