This Week In Property May 25th – 29th, 2015

Today is Friday, meaning one thing, This Week In Property! We apologise for missing last weeks post, this was due to a sickness bug going around.

On Monday we saw a proposed crack down on immigrants renting property in the UK. A new mandatory licensing scheme will be introduced along with new rules allowing landlords to evict illegal immigrants more quickly.

A new app has appeared for the property market, called Knocker. Knocker allows you to virtually explore homes while walking down the street! Don’t panic just yet, as it only provides information for properties already on the market.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has released a report claiming rogue Landlords are responsible for a WHOPPING 740,000 unsafe homes in England alone. Thursday brings uncertainty for the Scottish property market according to Neil Woodhead.

Today, we see that home lending in Scotland falls 20% in the first quarter of 2015. Adding yet more fuel about the Scottish market.

As always, have a great a weekend and we look forward to your comments below.

This Week In Property House Buy Fast May 25th 29th

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    I enjoyed your summary of property news presented very well in an easy to digest infograph.

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