This Week In Property March 2nd – 6th 2015

The first week of March is upon us, and seeing as it’s the first Friday of the new month it can only mean one thing – This Week In Property!

Good news for people trying to get on the property ladder as a new website has been launched – the aptly named new-homes.

Not all good news, as we see high street lending is down 11% compared to a year ago.

More news from the Government has also come out this week as the parties prepare their housing manifestos – The Tories want quick Rent to Buy results.

Rightmove staff also get rewarded for their efforts, while we see the stock of Help to Buy houses fall as the prices rise.

Have a great weekend and return next week for our weekly instalment. Don’t be afraid to comment below with your thoughts.

This Week In Property March 2nd - 6th 2015

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