Road Maintenance On Adopted Or Unadopted Roads

This question was from Zoopla User lenny1986.

Road Maintenance Adopted Or Unadopted Road

Who has taken responsibility of the road maintenance for Brigadier Drive?

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This weeks question from Zoopla is answered by Jonathan Rolande

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The next one is from lenny1986, so adopted or unadopted road. Who’s taking responsibility of road maintenance for brigadier drive.

Now I am afraid I don’t know individual roads, but what I am able to say to you is that you can look for clues with any road to find out if it’s adopted or unadopted.

Adopted means that the council, local authorities look after it. Unadopted means that in effect a private road those residents will contribute to maintaining. So look to see if there are any council road signs on the road and also things like tarmac that has been used to similar to surrounding roads or if it has a different surface such as gravel.

If it is gravel or there is no street sign chances are that it is a private road. You’ll want to have a word with people in the area to see what the arrangements are, of course ultimately your solicitor will be able to look on the deeds and find out exactly the arrangements.

If there is doubt about what it is you can always take out insurances to cover you if anything goes wrong called indemnity insurances and your solicitor will tell you more about those.

One word of caution for unadopted roads and private roads you are sometimes responsible for things like water, gas pipes and electricity cables that run under that road and so if something goes wrong with them the electricity or utility company may not necessarily pay for the repair because it is under private property.

In effect they may look to the residents of the street to pay for example a new drain to be fitted so it is just something to be cautious of.

So I hope that helps and there is a few clues there to finding out who does actually own brigadier drive.

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  • pat

    i a a pensioner and live on an unadopted road, the road is in adangerous condition due to uneven surface,all the residents are pensioners unable to pay to have the road maintained,is there any way to have repairs carried out to road

  • Hi Pat, Sounds like a bit of a tricky problem I’m afraid. This is part of the difficulty of unadopted roads.
    Your options are limited, would be worth consulting a solicitor to check what repair covenants there are in the deeds – it is possible you could force a repair although if your neighbours really have no money at all it’s an awkward one! You could contact the council to see if they would adopt it and increase the council tax accordingly which would stop it being your problem as such. If it is dangerous pretty soon postman, delivery drivers etc will refuse to come up it so this may force the issue. Good luck and let me know how it pans out.

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