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Young, Employed, Single Parent With A Guarantor. Can I Rent?

Jonathan answers a question asked by Zoopla user demijones. about renting as a single, young parent.

17, single parent, have a job and have a guarantor. Can I rent?

Looking for a house/apartment but was just wondering if I will be able to rent because I am 17, I have a job and a guarantor.

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Video Transcription

By the sound of your question you're currently employed, the fact that you're a single parent is irrelevant, no landlord should discriminate on that point.

You have a guarantor as well, which is great. So, if you're not earning particularly good money at the moment and the rent's quite high, the guarantor will sign to the affect that they'll cover any shortfall in rent.

Just remember of course anything you don't pay they will be asked for, so it's very important to keep up with your rent, if you possibly can.

Some agents are not going to like your situation because it's not that straight forward but just persevere and should find somewhere in the end.

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