Is The Rental Market Usually Quiet In December?

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Is the rental market usually quiet in December?

What Is The Rental Market Like Near Christmas?

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Hello I’m Jonathan from House Buy Fast here today to answer some Zoopla questions.

have one from sylviamiles, rental market near Christmas, is the rental market usually quieter in December?

Yes I think people do generally turn towards thinking about you know Christmas, holidays and that sort of thing. But actually you will find that people do want to rent in December, perhaps more so than buying.

This is because it’s a much quicker process to rent so many people will be looking at the beginning of December in order to find a new home in time for Christmas. So whilst it will quieten off by about the 10th of December generally, you’ll find it will be quite buoyant up until then and that certainly properties do still let even right up to Christmas Eve. The phones in letting agent’s offices will be ringing.

So don’t lose heart, but it will be a wee bit quieter, but not impossible to let the property that you have.

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