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The biggest empire in the history of the world has dissolved into what is now known as the Commonwealth.

Kick started from the industrial revolution the British colonised the globe enriching countries that now 2 billion people call home (60% of which are under 30). The Commonwealth is now a voluntary, intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states headed by the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Though no legal obligation is held between member nations, each country is united in equality and strong values such as human rights and each hold a rich and honorable history.

If you belong to one of these modern, diverse countries then an exciting event on the calendar is the Commonwealth Games, held every 4 years. This year is special because, the lime light falls on the heart of the Commonwealth, The British isles. The success of the London 2012 Olympics has spurred a new generation into athletics and as the games come back to home soil in the city of Glasgow, the Country watches on to see if we can keep the success going.

The Commonwealth Games unites Countries from all corners of the globe, some of the worlds richest and poorest nations compete for glory. We have created an interactive graph to show the magnitude of the Commonwealth, as well as a few interesting facts about each nation. If you feel we’ve missed something great about your Country, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We hope you enjoy the games and good luck to everyone.

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