Would You Buy A Property Next To A House That Hasn’t Been Lived In For A Long Time

Today’s question is from Zoopla User Whatabout.

Would you buy a property next to a house that hasn’t been lived in for 10 years?

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Video Transcription

So would I buy a property next door to a property that hasn’t been lived in for ten years?

I think the answer is yes but with reservations.

I would want to know why the property hasn’t been lived in.

  • is something wrong with it that could affect my house?
  • is the property affected by subsidence or is their bad neighbours elsewhere and everyone has moved away to get away from them?

So you need to check that kind of thing, and also the only other issue I would have with an empty property is that if it’s attached to mine.

If it’s a semi or a terraced property next door it’s possibly going to make my house colder and perhaps a little damper in the winter because it’s not being heated.

There could also be issues with things like rodents or other kind of pests in the garden if it’s very overgrown, for example there could be lots of foxes living there.

Other than that, there is nothing to worry about when buying a property next door to something that’s empty.

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